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Celebrate and create on our Party Truck or at our Glastonbury Party Studio located at 30E Hebron Ave., in Glastonbury, CT. Whether you want to host a child’s birthday party, a community event for kids, or an adult get-together, our Party Truck and Party Studio are the perfect solution. Our creativity coaches and art-tenders provide fun arts and crafts experiences for your guests. Everyone creates an artwork to take home and the best part is, we take care of everything from set-up to clean-up. Moms agree that The Art Truck is a creative and fun party idea for children of all ages. Schools and community groups enjoy celebrating with us and adults love The Art Truck's painting parties for family events, office parties and moms' nights out. Call us to learn how we can make your celebration a work of art. 844-287-2789 844-CTPARTY

Flow | What is it and How can I Get in It?

Have you ever been so in tune with what you’re doing that time melts and evrything falls into place and you feel one with the world. Maybe it’s during a long run, while playing piano, or even cooking your favorite recipe. Artists and athletes describe peak performance in this way.  Renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly has named it “flow.”

I find myself in flow when I’m painting, gardening and skiing when my focus is fixed and time is irrelevant. The flow can be short or sustained for a long period, but it is an unmatched experience.

Is flow necessary for creativity? Or is it a byproduct of being creative and in the moment?

According to Csikszentmihaly, there are key attributes to achieving and knowing when you are in flow. Discover your flow  by reading about Csikszentmihaly theory of  Flow

Five Ways to Nourish your Creativity and Feed your Soul

Let’s face it, daily life is a challenge. There are so many demands and distractions it can be difficult to focus on the moment, let alone feel creative. I know that when I feel overwhelmed, my creativity goes into hiding. So here are my five favorite ways to unclog my mind and free up some space for my imagination to take flight.

Take a walk 👟
Preferably in a garden, woods, or along a waterway. In short, get out in nature to awaken your senses and clear your mind. My go-to is along the Connecticut River near my home.

Read a book 📖
And yes, I mean a real book with paper pages and a bound spine. Feel it, smell it, linger over passages without distracting hyperlinks, doodle in the margins. Yeah, slow down and open your mind to new ideas.

Arrange flowers 🌸 🌻
Flower arranging is an art form and the simple act of selecting flowers and arranging them in containers is creative and calming. If possible, incorporate herbs like basil, flowering oregano, sage, lavender, and lemon verbena for a scent-sational boost.

Make a still life with 💐





Meditate on a work of art 🖼
Look closely and slowly at a favorite painting or photograph. It can be a print from a book, something on your wall or even online. Slow looking at a painting promotes mindfulness and calm. Connect with your favorite artwork and find inner calm. Here’s a meditation I recorded to help get you started:

Take a nap 😴
Yes, like in the middle of the day. Pretend you’re on a 30 minute vacation. Find a comfy spot, close your eyes and drift away. Recharge your body and refresh your brain.

Stocking Stuffers: These are a Few of our Favorite Things

Are you looking for unique stocking stuffers or small gifts for young family members? Well we have a long list of wonderful items guaranteed to delight the creative kids in your life. All items have been tested and approved by thousands of kids (and moms) who have partied with us or received our custom goodie bags. Plus, we use them every day, so we know they are good. Best part? Every item is budget-friendly between $1-15 and can be found at a local Michael’s, WalMart, Hobby Lobby or on Amazon.

Crayola Metallic Markers are a top favorite. The colors are wonderful, coverage is great and the sparkle is a fun surprise.

8 ct. Metallic Markers

Scotch brand glitter, washi and duct tape has countless fun uses on all kinds of projects, from decorating boxes, purses, frames, masks and so much more.

Scotch(R) Expressions Washi Tape Family

Creatology paints available at Michael’s are washable and come in wonderful colors. Kids especially love the metallic and neon colors available in handy 8 packs.


Fun Wire is wonderful for making jewelry. It’s available in many colors and kids love to bend and shape the wire to create necklaces and bracelets that they can decorate with beads and charms.

Fun Wire 24 Gauge Coil - Marshmallow

Mini paint sets –  Little watercolor sets make perfect stocking stuffers and are great for road trips.

Mini canvas boards are perfect companions to mini paint set. Kids create their own masterpieces to display at home or give as gifts.

Mini clay sets – Children can create their own cups, bowls, or figures out of clay. These are a hit with kids of all ages.

Mini note pads – Kids can keep a handy travel sze sketch book to make notes and pictures.

Crayola Dry Erase Crayon, CYO98-5202, Bright Assorted Colors, 8/Pk

Wikki Stix – These yarn sticks coated with wax are fun for boys and girls of all ages. Kids can press them onto any surface to make them stick and then peel them off and put them somewhere else. They don’t break or tear but are easy to cut with scissors.

Just Wikki Stix

What are your favorite creative stocking stuffers? We love learning about great products so I hope you’ll email me to share your ideas at