Baubles, Beads & Bling Party Boxes

The Art Truck brings the party to your home, school, or other location in our mobile studio. One of our most popular party ideas for girls is our Baubles, Beads & Bling Jewelry Making party.

Young fashionistas can make artistic statements by creating their own stylish and unique “cocktail” bling rings, funky necklaces, and bauble boxes to keep their treasures safe. Girls can work with fun wire, specialty beads, pendants, and gems to string together their statement jewelry pieces.

There is another way for girls to share in the fun of a jewelry making party. You can send the party home in a box.

A Baubles, Beads & Bling Party Box contains everything the creative girl in your life will need to design 30 pieces of jewelry, including 10 bling rings, 10 fun wire beaded necklaces, and 10 bauble boxes that she can decorate any way she chooses.

Your daughter, granddaughter, or niece can decorate the jewelry herself and give the pieces as gifts to family and friends this holiday season. She can also invite friends and family over and host a jewelry making party where everyone can share in the fun. She and her friends can inspire each other and share their creations.

Our Baubles, Beads & Bling Party Boxes come with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. Even young girls can learn how to create stylish and unique wearable works of art. Girls will be able to create their jewelry with minimal supervision.

If you are looking for a unique gift for the girl in your life, a Baubles, Beads & Bling Jewelry Box is the perfect choice. She can create her own jewelry to wear or give as gifts, or she can invite others over to share in the creativity and fun. Call (860)805-7471 or email to order yours.