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Community Painting Parties Build Creativity

It was great to be part of the 2014 “Things with Wings Youth Art Exhibit & Event” at the beautiful East Side Neighborhood Resource Center in Manchester, CT last Friday. I was amazed at how many people dove right into the painting activity. For me it was a dream come true to see 175 kids and their families make imaginative and colorful paintings right up until closing time. The painting avtivity was more popular than cupcake decorating – every available canvas was used. Impressive! 
The best part was watching moms and dads painting alongside their children. Everyone was engaged and having a great time. What a super activity for a Friday night!  Kudos to Manchester Youth Art Initiative and Youth Service Bureau for bringing creativity to the neighborhood and thanks for including us. 
This event has made me think more about the power of paint and importance of creativity in our lives. Could it be that  communities that paint together grow strong together? 
How creative is your community? Well, we would love to help you find out. Contact me about partnering with us to host a “Creative Communities Painting Challenge” in your town. It’s fun, easy and we manage everything. I hope these photos will inspire you to plan your painting party and get the creativity flowing.
Maura O’Shea