Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

If you are looking for a creative idea for a girl’s birthday party, look no further. The Art Truck will bring the party to you with one of our fun, hands-on art projects in our mobile studio.
Little Georgia O’Keefes can create unique works of art with our Party Like Picasso Paint Bar birthday party. Girls can paint masterpieces with primary and neon colors and glitter that they can proudly take home and display for all to see.
Girls can create futuristic robots with unique personalities at an Outrageous Robots birthday party. Robots can be decorated with flexible and shiny materials to give them space-age powers.
At a Masquerade party, girls can dress up as their favorite characters, animals, or anything else they can imagine. Partygoers can create one-of-a-kind masks decorated with markers, gems, faux fur, ribbons, and paper and then act out stories featuring their characters.
The Art Truck’s Baubles, Beads, & Bling Jewelry Party invites girls to design their own rings, necklaces, and bauble boxes. Children can use fun wire, beads, gems, and pendants to create fashionable works of art.
Girls can bring pictures to a scrapbook party and create two pages – one for the host and one to take home. This is a creative way to make lasting memories for all to treasure.
At a Carousel Cowgirls birthday party, girls can decorate flying carousel ponies with markers, gems and sparkles. Then they can design and decorate one-of-a-kind western style cowgirl hats.
At a Fairytale Funtastic party, princesses can dress up in crowns decorated with glitter, ribbons, gems, and markers. Then they can wave their wands and show off their magical powers.
At a photo shoot birthday party, girls can dress up with goofy glasses, clown noses, neon hair, and other props and ham it up for the camera. Children can adorn their photos with gems, markers, and sparkles to create one-of-kind mementos.
Finish off your party by decorating cupcakes and singing “Happy Birthday.” Children can cover their cupcakes with frosting, gels, sprays, and sprinkles. We will supply the plates, napkins, and candles.

The Art Truck has many creative ideas for a girl’s birthday party. We will bring the party to your home in our mobile studio, provide everything you will need, and clean up so that you will be able to spend time with the birthday girl and her friends.