Creative Recycled Project Idea

Use beads, feathers and fun shapes to turn old cereal or food boxes into fantastic masks! Let this recycled art project push your creativity to the limit by using only materials that you have at home. Moms- this is a no-shopping, ecofriendly craft project with no cost and minimal mess!

First, imagine a character you would like to create such as a princess, kitten, your favorite super hero, or make up totally new design all of your own.

Next, cut boxes into interesting shapes being sure to cut out eyes. Use markers, crayons or pens to color your mask and glue sticks (avoid liquid glue) to add fancy feathers, string, beads, buttons, foil, tape, wrapping paper, or anything you have on hand. What other materials could you use to make your mask unique?

Finally, cut a long straight piece of cardboard and secure it to the mask so that you can hold the mask elegantly in your hand. Let the masquearde begin!

Creatively yours,

Maura O’Shea