Edible Art Party Craft: Stained Glass Cookies

Edible Art Party Craft

Who doesn’t want to have their cake, or cookie, and eat it, too? Inspired by stained glass windows, flowers and spider webs, this tasty activity will be a hit at your child’s next birthday party. Guests will enjoy using magic food markers and glossy gels to paint beautiful designs on yummy, low calorie cookies. My cookie of choice is the waffle-like pizelle. Its large circular shape and imprinted lace-like pattern make it easy to decorate and fun to eat! Plus, with supplies available at most supermarkets, it makes for easy one-stop-shopping. Decorating time should take 10-15 minutes.

Shopping list for edible art project:

1.      Packages of plain or vanilla Pizelles are usually found in the Bakery section of supermarkets. Be sure to purchase enough for each guest to decorate two cookies.

2.     Decorating gels in assorted colors. Wilton brand is a good brand. Remember the more color the better the results. Plus, you will want to buy enough so that each guest has one to use.

3.      Food markers in assorted colors. They usually come in packages of 4-5 markers, so purchase enough so that each guest has one to use.

4.       Paper plates

5.       Hand wipes

Decorating Tips

o   Color first with markers encourage guests to fill in all sections of the cookie with color.

o   Distribute gels to add gloss and glitz to the painted cookies.

o   Be creative and have fun! Add candies, sprinkles and mini marshmallows, too!

For more edible inspiration check out photos at http://www.thearttruck.com/ChildrensParties.php

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Maura O’Shea