Princess Wand Party Favors in Five Easy Steps

Make these Princess Wands in Five Easy Steps

Add a royal touch to your child’s next birthday celebration with hand-crafted princess wands. Kids love these magic wands and moms love the short list of no-mess material and simple assembly. Plus, these wands make great party favors and adorable centerpieces, too! While guest-artists at Art Truck parties create their own wands, you can easily prep the wands in advance and let your princesses personalize their wands with sparkling gems and glittery foam flowers. Visit Art Truck’s Parties page to see examples of finished wands.
o   18” wooden dowels available at craft stores

o   Pink athletic wrap available at sporting goods stores (colorful crafting tape can also be used)

o   Chenilles (pipe cleaners) available at craft stores

o   Ribbon

o   Large stars to decorate available at craft stores (I love Creatology brand stars in packages of 8 available at Michael’scraft stores)

o   Glittery adhesive foamies – available at Michael’s

o   Gems (use Glue Dots to adhere to star)

o   Magic Markers


1.       Wrap dowel with athletic wrap or decorative tape

2.       Twist chenille in a spiral on dowel

3.       Tie ribbon on one end of dowel leaving 1-2” to adhere star

4.       Use tape or adhesive foamie to secure star to dowel

5.       Decorate both sides of the star with gems, glittery foamies, and magic markers!

Ta-da! It’s that easy! I hope you enjoy your royal celebration.

Creatively yours,

Maura O’Shea
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Step 4