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DIY Cupcake Ornaments make Tasty Gifts

Our party just guests love using yummy toppings sprays and sprinkles to create edible cupcake sculptures. So, I thought that we’d make non-edible cupcake ornaments to decorate a tree or hang in a special place. Package these trompe-l’oeil treats in a cupcake box for a festive holiday gift. Supplies are available at Michael’s, Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

Craft time: 20 minutes

Dry time: 1 day


  1. Shatterproof white or cream-colored ball ornaments;
  2. Glitter glue pens in silver, white or gold;
  3. Glitter – we like to use two varieties of Martha Stewart glitter in fine and classic for extra color and dimension;
  4. Cupcake tins in silver, gold or red;
  5. Red pom-poms;
  6. Glue dots;
  7. Ribbon;
  8. Empty toilet paper roll;

How to Build your Cupcake Ornament:

  1. Place ball ornament on toilet paper roll.
  2. Use glitter glue pen to lightly draw a skirt around the top third of the ornament – avoid excess glue and dripping.
  3. Select first glitter and gently sprinkle a coating on the glue.
  4. Select next glitter and sprinkle a second coating to add depth and more sparkle.
  5. Place a pom-pom on the top.
  6. Take a muffin tin, open it a bit and place a glue dot in the center.
  7. Place ornament on the glue dot in the tin.
  8. Tie a ribbon through the top and hang on tree or in a window.



IMG_8778IMG_8781Kid Cupcake











The Magic of Markers

Looking for ways to make your child’s birthday more creative, memorable and fun? Consider a simple, but creative art project to engage your young guests and keep little hands busy. Not only will your party-goers enjoy working with art materials, they will love taking their artwork home to share with their own families.

The joy of coloring with magic markers

At The Art Truck we find that the key to success with group art projects is to keep the ideas and materials simple so that children (and adults) of all ages and skill-levels will enjoy the activity and stretch their imaginations. We incorporate coloring activities into most of our projects and have watched hundreds of children find great joy in them. You’ll be surprised how much fun kids have with magic markers – it turns out that they really are magic!

So many markers to choose from

We believe the magic is in how pigment easily flows from these handy tools, making it fun to paint your picture with lines, swirls and layers of wonderful colors. Plus, markers come in hundreds of colors and sizes making it the closest experience to painting, with virtually no mess! If you opt for washable, water-based markers, clean up is a cinch. Just use baby wipes to clean hands and surfaces.

Another great feature of a coloring activity is that you don’t need special teaching skills or expensive supplies. Printouts of a simple line drawing (click here “coloring pages for kids” and you’ll find a vast array of pictures to choose from on Google Images), grab some kraft paper to cover the table, some washable magic markers in various colors and styles and you’re ready to go! Our very favorite markers (and those of our artists of all ages) are the Crayola metallic markers. They offer super luster and are available at Target, Toys R Usamazon, Staples, Blick and Wal-Mart.

If properly supervised, a coloring activity will occupy at least 15-20 minutes of party time. Plus, activity time can easily be expanded by introducing additional materials or supplying a frame for kids to decorate, too.

Give it a try and let your little ones experience the magic of markers!

Popular Party Themes and Ideas

Art is a great way for kids to express their creativity and have fun. If you are planning a birthday party in the near future, here are some ideas for your child and his or her friends to enjoy.

Kids love to dress up as their favorite characters. Your child can invite friends over for a costume party where they can become fictional characters, complete with crowns and wands. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan are popular choices. You can take some photos to keep mementos of the special day.

Children love to play with and draw animals, especially ones from farms that they might not see every day. You can celebrate farm life by purchasing some animal stencils and paint from your local crafts store and helping your child create barnyard paintings to decorate his or her room.

Beanie Boos are all the rage. You can get some to use as models and help your child draw or paint Beanie Boos. The shapes are simple enough that kids of all ages can draw or paint them.

Have a superhero celebration. Cut out a mask and have your child decorate it with paint, markers, crayons, paper, or whatever else you have around the house. Your child can instantly be transformed into a favorite superhero and act out scenes with friends.

These are just a few creative party ideas. We are sure you can come up with some of your own. The most important part is to encourage your child to be creative and have fun.