Visit Our New Boutique and Paint Bar

We at The Art Truck are excited to announce a new way to party with us. We are opening a brick and mortar boutique and paint bar located at 30C Hebron Ave. in Glastonbury Town Center on Monday, December 15.

We will host parties at the boutique just like we do in our mobile studio. The menu will include Paint Bar, Masquerade, Robot, Carousel, Royal, Jewelry, Scrapbook, Cupcake Decorating, and Photo Lounge party themes for both kids and adults. The space can be reserved for groups of 16 to 20 party-goers.

In addition to private parties, the boutique will be open for drop-ins at designated times. Every Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. we will host painting parties where guests can decorate candle holders, flower vases, or wine glasses and take them home to enjoy. If you’re in the area and looking for something fun to do with your kids or friends, feel free to drop by. You can also register in advance to be sure to get a space.

For parents who are bringing their kids to a party at the boutique, we will have a seating area where moms and dads can relax. We will serve complimentary coffee and tea for parents.

We will also be hosting workshops at the boutique where guests can develop their artistic talents. We plan to offer activities such as painting parties specifically for adults. Visit our website to view the schedule.

If you’re looking for fun holiday gift ideas or goodies to send home with guests who attend your party, we will be offering party boxes and gift bags for purchase. They include a variety of art supplies, such as jewelry-making materials, so that your guests will be able to continue to have fun and be creative at home.

We at The Art Truck are thrilled to be opening our new boutique and paint bar. We invite you to visit us and see the many fun projects we offer to help you express your creativity.