DIY: Add Some Sparkle to Your Thanksgiving Table

Are you looking for a fresh way to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Here is a simple way to create a sparkling tabletop with zero mess. Here at The Art Truck, it’s our experience that children always have a blast using bling to make unique sculptures and your kids will love creating these decorations while you are busy with food preparations. Supplies are super minimal, especially if you already have gourds or mini pumpkins on hand.

Items you’ll need:

  1. Assorted mini pumpkins and gourds (these typically can be found at your local farm stand or supermarket)
  1. Glue Dots
  1. Gems in assorted colors and sizes

Supplies are available at Michael’s craft stores, Walmart and on amazon.

Three easy steps:

  1. Roll out glue dots and place gem on the dot.
  2. Pull dot and gem from paper.
  3. Place gem with glue dot on gourd.

Glitzy Gourd CollageRepeat until your pumpkin or gourd is gem-studded, glitzy and just right!

Then pile your sculptural gems into a bountiful basket of bling for a sparkling centerpiece, scatter them around your table or use them as name card holders.

You can find more project ideas along with news and information on creativity from The Art Truck on our blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Maura O’Shea