Are Markers Magic? A Simple Project for your Child’s Next Birthday Party

Looking for ways to make your child’s birthday more creative, memorable and fun? Consider a simple, but creative art project to engage your young guests and keep little hands busy. Not only will your party-goers enjoy working with art materials, they will love taking their artworks home to share with the family. Can you think of a better party favor than the gift of art?

The joy of coloring with magic markers

Fun with Line, Shape and Color
In The Art Truck we find that the key to success with group art projects is to keep the ideas and materials simple so that children (and adults) of all ages and skill-levels will enjoy the activity and stretch their imaginations. We incorporate coloring activities into most of our projects and have watched hundreds of children find great joy in a coloring. You’ll be surprised how much fun kids have with magic markers – it turns out that they really are magic!

Let it swirl!

I suppose the magic is how pigment easily flows from these handy tools, making it fun to paint your picture with lines, swirls and layers of wonderful colors. Plus, markers come in hundreds of colors and sizes making it the closest experience to painting, but with virtually no mess! If you opt for washable, water-based markers, clean up is a cinch. Just use baby wipes to clean hands and surfaces.

Another great feature of a coloring activity is that you don’t need special teaching skills or expensive supplies. If properly supervised, a coloring activity will occupy 15-20 minutes of party time. Plus, activity time can easily be expanded by introducing additional materials or supplying a frame for kids to decorate, too.

Here are a few steps to get you started:
1. Find an image in outline form connected to your party theme such as balloons, cars, horses, robots, superheroes, princesses, flowers, etc. You can make your own line drawing, download one from numerous picture sites, or photocopy a favorite coloring book page. Add a couple of lines for kids to write their names and title their artworks.

2. Print your image on white 8.5×11″ paper, making enough for each guest.

3. Purchase an assortment of broad- and thin-tipped washable, magic markers and put them in shallow, rectangular baking bins making sure that they are in easy reach on the table or work-surface.

4. Cover table with plastic cloth.

5. Seat children at the table, explain the activity by showing the blank picture and asking a few starter questions to get creative juices flowing:

What shapes do you see? What shapes will you add to your picture?
What kind of lines do you see? What kinds of lines will you add to your picture?
What colors can you imagine you will use to create your picture?
Distribute papers and let the fun begin!
Color, shape and line

Do you have successful party tips to share? Please post them. I would love to hear from you!

Creatively yours,


Co-founder, The Art Truck

Layers of black marker and great lines