Art Activities to Develop Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Children need to be able to hold a pencil correctly in school. You can help your child develop fine motor skills through art that will help when it is time to learn how to write.

One way to develop your child’s fine motor skills is through finger painting. Dipping fingers in paint and smearing it on paper can help your child develop fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Your child can also develop fine motor skills and learn to hold a pencil properly by painting with a brush or drawing with crayons, markers, or chalk. Give your child some painting or drawing materials and a stack of paper and allow him or her to experiment.

Another activity that kids love is playing with Play-Doh. Kids enjoy stretching, squeezing, and rolling Play-Doh through their hands to create all sorts of shapes, animals, and people. This can strengthen the muscles in your child’s hands and also provide a valuable sensory experience.

Cutting paper is another way to teach your child fine motor skills. Learning how to use scissors and cut in a straight line will strengthen your child’s finger muscles and develop coordination.

Folding paper can also develop your child’s manual dexterity. Kids love to create fans, and with summer around the corner, that can be a fun and useful art project.

Another fun activity is creating masks. Kids love to dress up and pretend to be characters. They can entertain themselves by cutting and coloring their masks with markers or crayons and then gluing on beads, feathers, or other decorations. After that, they can use their imaginations to act out scenes pretending to be the people, animals, or other creatures they have created.

Kids also enjoy making jewelry. Show your child how to string beads or pieces of macaroni together to create a beautiful necklace. Your child can also make a ring or bracelet by cutting a strip of paper, bending it into a circle, and gluing the ends together.

If your child is going to be starting school in the fall or is having trouble with writing, art can be a fun and effective way to teach fine motor skills. With summer vacation coming up, your child will have plenty of time to be entertained with these and other creative art projects.