Art Can Help You and Your Kids Beat the Winter Blues

With frigid temperatures outside and the ever-present threat of snow, winter can get anybody down. If you or your kids are feeling the winter blues, you can relax and enjoy yourselves indoors and lift your mood by creating your own works of art.

Painting with your kids is a great way to lift everyone’s spirits. Create paintings of your favorite warm weather activities, vacation spots, or bright spring and summer days filled with sunshine and flowers. This will help you remember the fun times you have shared and remind yourselves that warm weather will be here before you know it.

Kids love to dip their hands in paint and make handprints on paper. You can turn this into a fun activity that you can use to decorate the refrigerator or your children’s bedrooms. Choose bright, vibrant colors to create handprints with your kids.

Another fun family activity to do on a cold winter day is to create a scrapbook. Pull out your photo album and choose pictures of your favorite activities that you have done together. Good choices are family vacations, trips to the beach, walks in the park, or outdoor sporting events. You can gather the photos together in a book that you create together, or you can each create your own book of memories.

You and your kids can also beat the winter blues by dressing up and taking photos. You can buy or rent costumes, wigs, glasses and accessories, or let your kids choose items from their own closets. You can even let them dress up in your oversized clothes for some funny shots. The pictures you take dressing up will also be great additions to your scrapbooks.

Even though it’s cold outside, you don’t have to let winter get you down. Creating art with your kids is a fun family activity that can life everyone’s spirits and brighten your home this winter.