Bring The Art Truck to Your Afterschool Program This Fall

Afterschool programs can provide enrichment activities for students of all ages. Bring The Art Truck to your school’s or community center’s afterschool program this fall for a fun and creative art activity your kids will love.

An Outrageous Robots program is one of our most popular afterschool activities. Young engineers and artists can create space-age robots with special powers and personalities using an array of flexible and shiny materials. This activity is perfect for children from preschool to elementary school.

A Party Like Picasso Paint Bar party encourages budding Picassos and Georgia O’Keefes of all ages to experiment with an array of neon and primary color paints and glitter. Kids can create display-ready masterpieces to take home and proudly hang on their refrigerators or in their bedrooms.

At a Masquerade afterschool program, kids can create their own masks decorated with their choice of glitter, wacky papers, faux fur, ribbons, and other materials. They can become animals, insects, other people, or anything else they can imagine and act out plays as the characters they have created.

Kids who participate in Art Truck afterschool programs can learn and practice important skills that will benefit them in the classroom. Students can work on listening, following directions, building their vocabularies, thinking creatively, identifying shapes and colors, recalling story details, and developing fine motor skills that are useful in writing.

The Art Truck’s staff of art-tenders will set up the activities in our mobile studio or a location of your choice and provide all the necessary materials. We will guide children through the activity and encourage them to experiment and express their creativity. There will be no preparation or cleanup for you to do. Just sit back and watch as the students at your afterschool program are inspired to create their own unique works of art.