Bring The Art Truck to Your Camp This Summer

Summer camp is an opportunity for children to have fun and create lasting memories. The Art Truck can enhance your summer camp program with an art project that kids can create in our mobile studio to show off their creativity.

The Art Truck’s summer or day camp masquerade program encourages kids to create their own unique masks. Campers use pre-cut masks and decorate them with their choice of glitter, wacky papers, ribbons, faux fur, and more. Kids can become animals, insects, other people, or anything else they can imagine. They are limited only by their creativity. After they have created their masks, your campers can act out scenes in character.

Our summer camp paint bar program encourages kids to experiment with neon, metallic, pastel, and bright colors. Campers can drip, swirl, brush, and layer their paint on canvases to create their own abstract, color-field paintings. The paint bar program is recommended for campers 6 and up.

The Art Truck’s masquerade and paint bar programs are led by two of our specially trained art-tenders, who will provide materials and guidance to your campers as they create their unique works of art. The art-tenders will clean up after the kids have finished their creations.

Campers can learn a lot from an Art Truck project. Kids can develop their drawing and painting skills and express their creativity. Painting and decorating their works of art helps kids develop their fine motor skills. They can practice listening and following directions and build their vocabularies as they learn about new colors and materials. Kids can also practice writing their names on their artwork. Children can practice counting and identifying shapes. Contact the Art Truck today to learn more about our exciting summer camp art programs.