Bring The Art Truck to Your Library to Promote a Love of Reading

Kids will be heading back to school soon, and what better way to promote literacy and other important skills than by bringing The Art Truck to your library?

A program on The Art Truck connects hands-on learning, literacy, and storytelling. You choose a book, and we will provide an art project. Our specially trained art-tenders will supply all the necessary materials and teach the program in our mobile art studio, which means there will be no mess for you to clean up in your library.

At a library masquerade program, kids get to show their creativity by decorating their own pre-cut masks. They can become other people, animals, insects, or anything else they can imagine. Children can be inspired by a book that will be read to them before they begin the activity.

A library paint bar program lets kids experiment as they drip, swirl, and layer neon, metallic, pastel, and bright paints on canvas to create abstract, color-field paintings.

Hosting an Art Truck program at your library can teach kids many important skills that will help them succeed in school. In addition to encouraging kids to read, a library program will teach them to listen and follow directions. Children will develop their vocabularies as they are exposed to new words and concepts in the story and art project. Kids will learn divergent thinking as they are asked to tackle new challenges. They will develop their fine motor skills, which is especially important for young kids who are learning to write. Children will learn to identify common shapes and primary and secondary colors. They will learn to recall story details as they complete their art project and develop characters based on the story. Most of all, kids will learn to express their creativity.

Bringing The Art Truck to your library can promote a love of both reading and art in children. Kids can learn many valuable skills that will help them succeed in school this year and beyond.