Bring The Art Truck to Your Next School Assembly

If you are looking for a fun, creative activity for your students for your school’s upcoming assembly, Field Day, or Earth Day celebration, invite The Art Truck. We will bring our hands-on art activities to your school for a day your students will never forget. With our wide array of projects to choose from, you are sure to find one that your kids will love.

Our Party Like Picasso Paint Bar Party is fun for kids of all ages. Little Picassos and Georgia O’Keeffes can dip their brushes into palettes of neon, glitter, and primary color paints to create masterpieces that they can proudly display at home or on the walls in their classrooms.

Kids can have a blast creating space-age robots at an Outrageous Robots event. Your students can use flexible and shiny materials to create three-dimensional sculptures with special powers and unique personalities.

Students can have fun recording and sharing memories at a Scrapbooking assembly. Kids can use photos with friends and classmates to create a scrapbook for their class. They can decorate the pages with stamps, gems, paper, punches, stickers, and more. This hands-on activity allows students to share their memories and work together to create a special class project that everyone can enjoy.

An assembly activity from The Art Truck can be a great way to reward students for a job well done, such as successfully meeting a fundraising goal. It will be a powerful motivating force that can encourage your students to pitch in and work together.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes. For a smaller school of up to 100 students, we can host activities in our mobile art studio. Classes can rotate in and out of the truck throughout the day until everyone has had a chance to participate in the fun activity. For a larger school, we can host the special event in a gym, auditorium, or cafeteria.

We will provide all of the materials that your students will need to complete their art project. We will take care of all of the prep work, provide instructions and guidance, and do all of the cleanup so that you can watch and interact with your students as they enjoy creating unique works of art at your school assembly.