Bring The Art Truck to Your Office Party This Holiday Season

Fall is here, and now is the time to begin planning your company’s holiday party. Bring The Art Truck to your corporate celebration for a creative and memorable activity that your employees will love.

A Photoshoot Party is a fun way to engage your team and build company spirit. Your employees can pose alone, in groups, or with their families to create keepsakes from the special event. Partygoers can even dress up in costumes and props for funny pictures. Then they can frame and decorate their photos to take home or display on their desks. You can also collect the photos and display them in a common area at work for everyone to enjoy.

An Edible Art Party is sure to be a hit with your employees. Everyone can decorate cookies and cupcakes with holiday themes using frosting, gels, sprays, and sprinkles and then enjoy their creations for dessert.

A Wine Glass Painting Party from The Art Truck is a fun activity for adults. Your employees can paint their own wineglasses with their choice of colors and designs and unique bling charms. Then everyone can enjoy a glass of wine and offer a holiday toast.

A Masquerade Party is fun for adults of all ages. Your employees will love to decorate their masks and dress up as other people, characters, animals, insects, or other creatures. We will provide pre-cut masks, and your employees can decorate them with their choice of glitter, wacky papers, faux fur, ribbons, and more.

An Art Truck party is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays and show your employees that you appreciate all of the hard work they do for you. We will provide all of the materials you will need and take care of all the cleanup, so you can relax and enjoy the party with your staff.