Bring The Art Truck to Your School for Earth Day

The 45th anniversary of Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22. This year, like every year, people in communities and governments around the world will band together to take action to protect the environment and safeguard our planet for future generations. One of the easiest ways to help protect the Earth every day is by recycling. Many common household items and materials can be repurposed to be used in new and fun ways.

The Art Truck is proud to participate in Earth Day events. We celebrated last year by educating children about the importance of recycling. We hosted a robot-making party at a school where kids created and decorated their own unique robots using recycled materials. Kids enjoyed the activity and learned valuable lessons about the virtues of recycling and how common items could be reused instead of throwing them away.

If your school is planning an event or workshop in honor of Earth Day, consider hosting a party with The Art Truck. We can bring our mobile studio to your school and teach your students how to create original works of art using recycled and repurposed materials that they have in their classrooms or that they can bring from home. Boxes, scraps of paper, and other common items that would otherwise wind up in the trash can be transformed into space age robots that kids can play with in school and then take home to share with their families.

Teaching the importance of recycling this Earth Day is a valuable lesson for students of all ages. Adults have a responsibility to teach kids how to help protect our planet. A party on The Art Truck is a perfect way to demonstrate the benefits of recycling in a fun way that will connect with kids and make them excited to do their part.