Bring The Art Truck to Your Summer Picnic

Summer is the perfect time to host a picnic or family get-together. Plan a fun and memorable activity at your summer event by inviting The Art Truck. We will bring the party to you with our mobile art studio where you and your guests can create hands-on art projects.

At a Party Like Picasso Paint Bar party, kids and adults can create unique works of art with primary color, neon, and glitter paints. Guests can create images from their memories or imaginations or drip and swirl their paints to produce modern masterpieces.

Kids love to dress up in disguises. With a What a Masquerade party from The Art Truck, they can decorate pre-cut masks with markers, gems, papers, faux fur, and ribbons to transform themselves into their favorite animals, superheroes, or other characters.

Encourage family and friends to bring their favorite photos to your summer picnic for a Scrapbook party. Guests can create their own scrapbook pages with favorite memories and decorate them with stamps, gems, paper, punches, stickers, and more to bring memories alive and create treasured keepsakes.

No summer picnic is complete without dessert. Kids and adults can decorate cupcakes and cookies that we will provide with their choice of frostings, gels, sprays, and sprinkles to create delicious edible works of art.

Creating art is a fun way to bring everyone together to enjoy a summer picnic. Kids and adults of all ages love to express themselves creatively. The Art Truck can bring our party truck to your home so your guests can create their art projects.

We will provide all of the supplies and offer guidance and instructions to help people with their projects. The best part is that we will take care of all the cleanup so that you can focus on having fun at your picnic. Contact us today to book your party.