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Bunny Mask

Hip Hop Hooray Easter’s On Its Way

This month, guest blogger, Art Truck Creativity Coach, and mom of two great kids, Monique Sanders, shares creative ideas for celebrating spring, Easter and memorable birthdays. Thanks so much, Monique!

Bunny Mask
Bunny mask created during an Art Truck party.

Spring is my favorite time of year.  The birds start singing, flowers start blooming, the weather starts warming up and Easter arrives filled with the excitement of egg hunts, Easter baskets and get-togethers with family. This year Easter is in April which Thinking just warms my heart because it is when I get to celebrate both of my kids birthdays.  So, at this time of year, I’m always looking for inspiration for spring parties and fun Easter crafts to make the celebrations more springtastic.

Crafty Spring Critters
Sock Bunny CraftA celebration isn’t complete without a cute craft the kids can bring home to remember the fun they had. Kids love spring crafts since they are filled with adorable bunnies, chicks and lambs. These no-sew easy Easter bunnies from are are so cute and simple. All you need is a colorful out-grown sock stuffed with batting or rice and put a ribbon around the neck to make the head. Add an elastic around the top and trim the sock to make the ears and decorate with googly eyes and pom poms.

Since eating hard boiled eggs in our house isn’t an Easter favorite, I’m always looking for some other options for decorating eggs such as cute chicks and animals made out of plastic Easter eggs. One idea is to use fabric or felt and googly eyes to decorate or cover eggs in string, cloth or Washi tape for Easter egg decorations that can be around for years to come.

Egg Bunnies

At The Art Truck we made these simple styrofoam egg-bunnies on a craft sticks to be used as puppets, place cards or  or even plant stakes. Plus, I love the sweet little gift bags which you can fill with  plastic eggs and other holiday treats.

Creative Baskets and Surprising Egg Hunts
Easter Ideas
Some of my fellow Moms are trying to find alternatives to the Easter basket filled with tons of candy. Well you know what they say… April showers bring May flowers. Fill a kids umbrella with some spring time fun such as art supplies, kids gardening tools, bubbles and small outdoor toys or create a themed Easter fill a baseball hat with goodies for a boy who loves the game.

Are your kids tired of the same old egg hunt? Surprise them with a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt and glowing ring toss using glow sticks. Or for another surprise, place clues in the plastic eggs that lead kids to Easter baskets.

Hangin with your Peeps
Marshmallow Peep VaseI never knew you could do so much with marshmallow Peeps! Use bunny Peeps and jelly beans to create edible centerpiece treats.

At The Art Truck we love edible art parties. So let the kids have a cupcake cake party and transform them  into spring time cuteness with marshmallow  bunnies. Instead of a gingerbread house you might find at Christmas time, create a bird house out of graham crackers, frosting, a marshmallow Peep chick, colored coconut for a nest and chocolate eggs.

Marshmallow Peep CupcakeIf you love the idea of having a spring party but don’t want to deal with the mess or stress, The Art Truck offers a wide range of creative parties from painting with Beanie Boos to a Masquerade Party where the kids will love creating personal arts and crafts to take home.

Contact us to find out how we can help you turn your spring celebration into a work of art. Happy spring!







DIY Cupcake Ornaments make Tasty Gifts

Our party just guests love using yummy toppings sprays and sprinkles to create edible cupcake sculptures. So, I thought that we’d make non-edible cupcake ornaments to decorate a tree or hang in a special place. Package these trompe-l’oeil treats in a cupcake box for a festive holiday gift. Supplies are available at Michael’s, Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

Craft time: 20 minutes

Dry time: 1 day


  1. Shatterproof white or cream-colored ball ornaments;
  2. Glitter glue pens in silver, white or gold;
  3. Glitter – we like to use two varieties of Martha Stewart glitter in fine and classic for extra color and dimension;
  4. Cupcake tins in silver, gold or red;
  5. Red pom-poms;
  6. Glue dots;
  7. Ribbon;
  8. Empty toilet paper roll;

How to Build your Cupcake Ornament:

  1. Place ball ornament on toilet paper roll.
  2. Use glitter glue pen to lightly draw a skirt around the top third of the ornament – avoid excess glue and dripping.
  3. Select first glitter and gently sprinkle a coating on the glue.
  4. Select next glitter and sprinkle a second coating to add depth and more sparkle.
  5. Place a pom-pom on the top.
  6. Take a muffin tin, open it a bit and place a glue dot in the center.
  7. Place ornament on the glue dot in the tin.
  8. Tie a ribbon through the top and hang on tree or in a window.



IMG_8778IMG_8781Kid Cupcake











Secrets to Successful Parties

20140201_212654000_iOSFor the past four years, The Art Truck has hosted fun parties for thousands of children of all ages. We wanted to share some of our secrets with you to help you ensure that your child’s party will be a success.

Kids love to make things. Art Truck parties engage children in hands-on activities that encourage them to use their imaginations and experience creative play.

Young party guests may vary in terms of age, skills, and attention span. We create hands-on, open-ended art activities to engage kids of all ability levels. Our parties are designed with a no-tears policy to ensure success for children of all skill levels.

We use exciting supplies for our art parties. We search for and splurge on materials that we know kids will love.

Our art projects use easy-to-follow directions. Our activities follow simple, carefully planned steps.

Parties should have clear start and end times. One adult should be designated as timekeeper.

Kids and their parents attend countless parties. Make yours different by incorporating one element that is unusual or unexpected. One thing you can do is to take and print photos on the spot at a photo shoot party. Kids love to have their pictures taken in our photo booth and see themselves in living color as the photos are printed before their eyes.

Pizza, cake, and cupcakes are perennial birthday party favorites. Consider having kids decorate their own cupcakes or help you decorate the cake. It’s easier than you think and will get kids engaged in a creative activity. They will enjoy their treats more if they decorate them themselves.

Send your guests home with special treats. We stuff our goodie bags with carefully curated art and party supplies. You can save time by setting up a counter with goodies and having kids decorate their bags and then “shop” to fill them.