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Scouting with The Art Truck

Many of your children are taking part in Girl Scout or Boy Scout activities this year. Did you know that The Art Truck can help children in your child’s troop earn their sought-after art badges with one of our signature art projects?

At a Troop Masquerade Party, boys or girls can create their own unique disguises. They can cut out pre-designed masks and adorn them with glitter, wacky papers, faux fur, ribbons, and other materials. Kids love to become animals, insects, other people, or anything else they can imagine.
Masquerade Party
Kids also love to paint, and your scouts will enjoy a Troop Paint Bar Party on our Party  Truck or at our Party Studio and Creativity Lounge. Kids can mix their own palettes with bright, pastel, neon, and metallic paints and then drip, swirl, and layer the colors on their canvases to create abstract, color-field paintings. A Paint Bar Party is perfect for scouts aged 6 and up.

Photo Oct 11, 1 14 50 PMPaint Bar PartyBoy Scouts and Girl Scouts learn a lot from an Art Truck program while they work on earning their badges. They experiment with new materials and learn to identify shapes and colors. Scouts build their vocabularies as they are exposed to new words and learn to express new ideas. They also practice their listening skills and following directions. Scouts develop divergent thinking and creativity as they create their art projects and share their work with others.

A Girl Scout or Boy Scout program with The Art Truck is 60 minutes for up to 16 guest artists. Each party is led by two of our specially trained art-tenders. We will provide all of the materials your scouts will need and take care of all of the cleanup.

A party on The Art Truck is a fun and creative way for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to earn their art badges. Kids can learn many important skills and ideas as they take part in a fun, hands-on art projects.

Visit The Art Truck at These Local Community Events

The Art Truck is out in the community sharing our love of art and encouraging kids and adults throughout Connecticut to express their creativity. We would like to invite your family to join us for some upcoming events.

We will be at the Simsbury Farmers’ Market on the Green at Simsmore Square on Thursday, September 3 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. We will be providing a free art activity that will be fun for children. Kids can drop in to celebrate farm animals and decorate a cow or pig on a stick. This is a great way for your children to express their creativity while enjoying the food and excitement of the farmers’ market.

We will also be at the Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival at Riverfront Park, 300 Welles Street, on Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18. The event will feature live bands, vendors, food and beverages, amusement rides, silent movies, fireworks, races, a bicycle scavenger hunt, a pie eating contest, and a petting zoo. We will be there with another free art activity for kids. The activity has yet to be determined. We will keep you posted.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your children, visit us at the Simsbury Farmers’ Market or the Glastonbury Apple Harvest. Your kids will love making art projects with The Art Truck and participating in all of the other fun activities and events. Activities from The Art Truck are free, so come and stop by with your whole family.

Community Painting Parties Build Creativity

It was great to be part of the 2014 “Things with Wings Youth Art Exhibit & Event” at the beautiful East Side Neighborhood Resource Center in Manchester, CT last Friday. I was amazed at how many people dove right into the painting activity. For me it was a dream come true to see 175 kids and their families make imaginative and colorful paintings right up until closing time. The painting avtivity was more popular than cupcake decorating – every available canvas was used. Impressive! 
The best part was watching moms and dads painting alongside their children. Everyone was engaged and having a great time. What a super activity for a Friday night!  Kudos to Manchester Youth Art Initiative and Youth Service Bureau for bringing creativity to the neighborhood and thanks for including us. 
This event has made me think more about the power of paint and importance of creativity in our lives. Could it be that  communities that paint together grow strong together? 
How creative is your community? Well, we would love to help you find out. Contact me about partnering with us to host a “Creative Communities Painting Challenge” in your town. It’s fun, easy and we manage everything. I hope these photos will inspire you to plan your painting party and get the creativity flowing.
Maura O’Shea