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Flow | What is it and How can I Get in It?

Have you ever been so in tune with what you’re doing that time melts and evrything falls into place and you feel one with the world. Maybe it’s during a long run, while playing piano, or even cooking your favorite recipe. Artists and athletes describe peak performance in this way.  Renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly has named it “flow.”

I find myself in flow when I’m painting, gardening and skiing when my focus is fixed and time is irrelevant. The flow can be short or sustained for a long period, but it is an unmatched experience.

Is flow necessary for creativity? Or is it a byproduct of being creative and in the moment?

According to Csikszentmihaly, there are key attributes to achieving and knowing when you are in flow. Discover your flow  by reading about Csikszentmihaly theory of  Flow

The Power of Creativity: Insights from Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D.

The Art Truck is certainly “mobilizing creativity”, but how? We think we do this by engaging in people of all ages in social experiences that offer participants the chance to apply their imaginations to open-ended, hands-on art projects. Art Truck strives to present creative and educational programs that have value. But what is the value? And, really, just what is creativity? We certainly throw the word “creativity” around, so we should know what it means.

My search to answer these questions and understand creativity led me to the work of Dr. Ken Robinson which I want to share with you in this post.

During his  distinguished career Dr. Robinson has put forth research and language that provide a deeper understanding of creativity and its role (or possibles roles) in society. He is a brilliant thinker, clear writer, and engaging speaker. The following is excerpted from the chapter titled “Beyond Imagining” in his recent New York Times bestseller, The Element:How Finding your Passion Changes Everything.  Sir Robinson writes:

Imagination is not the same as creativity. Creativity takes the process of imagination to another level.  My definition of creativity is “the process of having original ideas that have value.’  Imagination can be entirely internal. You could be imaginative all day long without anyone noticing. But you could never say that someone was creative if that person never did anything. To be creative you actually have to do something. It involves putting your imagination to work to make something new, to come up with new solutions to problems, even to think of new problems or questions.

You can think of creativity as applied imagination.

Ah – “applied imagination.” Thank you, Dr. Robinson.

Art Truck projects are thoughtfully designed to help you apply your imagination to develop your creativity. We know that creativity is important and needs nurturing  and invite you to come along with us on this journey to mobilize creativity! If you enjoyed this post, check back soon for more posts on creativity – or buy a copy of the book! It is enlightening.

Imagine! Create! Share!
Maura O’Shea, co-founder and art-tender, The Art Truck