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Let it Snow! Kids Love Making these Glitzy Snowflake Garlands

Kids love making these snowflake garlands to wrap around trees or hang from windows and ceilings. We’ve made hundreds of them at Art Truck events and they are always a hit. You decide the length and number of flakes. Best part? No mess, easy-to find supplies make it a cinch. It’s super easy – here’s how:

Project Duration: 20 minutes to two hours


  1. White cardstock (pastel blue or grey are nice, too)
  2. Curly ribbon – we like silver, white and blue.
  3. Glue sticks – try Elmer’s Washable brand.
  4. Gems or sequins from Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or S&S.
  5. Snowflake punch -we love Martha Stewart for great  design and quality.


  1. Punch out 10 snowflakes using puncher;
  2. Cut ribbon length at least 2 feet (a little longer is better);
  3. Take one flake, place glue in center;
  4. Leaving 6 inches at top of ribbon strand, place ribbon in center of flake;
  5. Now, turn it over, add a bit of glue to center and “sandwich” another flake on top;
  6. Repeat until you have at least 5 snowflakes on your chain;
  7. Once flakes are on ribbon, adhere gems or sequins to center of flakes with glue.

Hang on or around a favorite tree or anywhere you’d like to add some bling and sparkle.

What is your favorite garland-making craft? We invite you to share your photos, ideas and follow our blog.

Creatively yours,


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Do you want to Build a Snowman?

Kids will Love Making this Edible Marshmallow Snowman




This yummy winter treat is so easy to make . Use as tabletop sculptures, seating cards or to dunk in hot chocolate. Kids love coloring the marshmallows and assembling the snowman or snowwoman. Best part for you? This pleasing project is inexpensive, not messy and requires minimal supervision. Why not create a whole snow family?


  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • Large marshmallows
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Food markers
  • Blue spray
  • Toothpicks
  • Shredded coconut
  • Paper plate

How to Build a Snowman:

  1. Select one jumbo and two large  marshmallows.
  2. Use toothpicks to attach marshmallows.
  3. Insert Pretzel arms.
  4. Color snowman’s face and body;
  5. Place snowman on plate.
  6. Sprinkle plate with coconut snow.
  7. Lighlty spray base with blue (one spray)




Outrageous Snow-bots!

In the past year and a half one of the most popular Art Truckparties has been Outrageous Robots.” Thousands of children have enjoyed building imaginative robot sculptures out of easy-to-handle, shiny materials that you probably have right in your kitchen. Oh, the characters we have seen! Dog robots, fish robots, kitty robots, super-hero robots, fashion robots… you get the picture. However, as I look out on our snow covered lawn, I realize that we have not seen a snowman robot – or snow-bot! So, here is a little inspiration to get your kids creating rainresistant snow-bots on the next snow day!


2 round white Styrofoam balls

1 circular floral foam

Tin foil


Cotton balls

Fancy ribbon

Googly eyes or gems

Magic markers

Easy assembly

Wrap the three foam pieces in foil and connect with toothpicks;

Cut a scarf from fancy ribbon and tie around “neck;”

Insert toothpick arms and add cotton ball mittens;

Place googly eyes (or gems) and draw mouth;

Insert toothpick nose;

Insert toothpick ears and cover tips with cotton ball muffs.

Embellish body as you wish! (I used paper snowflakes from last month’s project post.)

Please send your photos to me maura@thearttruck.comand we’ll post it on The Art Truck’s Facebook page. Find more project ideas at

Happy snow days!

Maura O’Shea