Celebrate Halloween with The Art Truck

20150117_151944180_iOS(1)Now that your kids are back in school and have settled into their routine, they are probably looking forward to Halloween. This is a favorite holiday for many kids. You can make it special this year by doing something different than the typical trick-or-treating: you can host a party with The Art Truck.

We can bring our mobile studio to your home and host a Halloween celebration for your kids and a group of their friends in our party truck. Children can decorate masks at a creative masquerade party. We will provide pre-cut masks, markers, gems, paper, faux fur, and ribbons so that kids can transform themselves into their favorite TV or movie characters, animals, or anything else they can imagine.

After your kids decorate their masks, you will want to record memories of the party. We can bring along our photo booth so your kids can pose for the camera in their Halloween masks. They can print the photos on the spot and decorate them with gems, glitz, sparkles, markers, and more to create keepsakes that they can treasure for years to come.

No Halloween party is complete without dessert. Your kids and their friends can decorate cookies and cupcakes with ghoulish faces in honor of the special evening. We will even provide plates and napkins.

Halloween is right around the corner. Do something different this year to make it a memorable time for your family. Host an art and cupcake party that your kids will be sure to love with The Art Truck.