Celebrate Spring by Creating Art with Your Kids

It may not seem like it right now, but spring is right around the corner. After a long and cold winter, you and your kids are probably looking for ways to brighten your moods and usher in the warmer season. Art is a sure-fire way to lift your spirits and let you celebrate the joys of spring.

Painting is a favorite activity for kids of all ages. After spending months dealing with the cold and being cooped up indoors, you and your kids can enjoy painting the sights of spring, including colorful landscapes, rainbows, flowers, animals, and sunshine. You can think ahead even further to summer and paint scenes of your favorite beach or vacation destination. You and your children can occupy yourselves for hours creating these and many more works of art with some paint, brushes, and paper or canvas and then display them throughout your home.

Jewelry-making is another fun activity for kids. You can purchase some fun wire, beads, and other materials at any arts and crafts store and make your own cheerful springtime necklaces, bracelets, and rings and dress up in your favorite spring clothes.

Kids love to dress up as characters from their favorite stories, movies, and TV shows. Go through your closets and pick out some of your favorite items to wear. You can create masks with some cardboard or construction paper, paint, markers, ribbons, faux fur, and glitter and become anything you can imagine.

Gather photos from some of your fondest spring and summer memories and assemble them in a scrapbook. Take pictures of your new adventures and add them to the book. You and your kids can create a record of lasting memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

It has been a rough winter. Now that spring is almost here, take some time to plan fun artistic activities with your kids to help you get into the spirit of spring.