Creative Ideas for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

If you are looking for a creative way to celebrate your child’s upcoming birthday, make it an event to remember with a party from The Art Truck. We can bring the party to your home with our mobile art studio and create an experience that your child will cherish forever.
Children gather in our mobile art studio to participate in a variety of hands-on art projects that nurture their creativity. We will provide all of the materials and offer guidance and encouragement to help your child and his or her friends express their creativity and individuality. When the party is over, there will be no mess for you to clean up. We will take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy the party with your child.
The Art Truck has party options for children of all ages and ability levels. Children do not need to have any special artistic skills to be creative and enjoy themselves. Our birthday parties are perfect for children from preschool up. At an Art Truck birthday party, children can express their creativity through a variety of materials and hands-on learning experiences.
With our Party Like Picasso Paint Bar, kids can use paint and glitter to create ready-to-display works of art that they can proudly display at home.
At an Outrageous Robots party, children can use flexible and shiny materials to create their own unique, space-age robots.
At a Masquerade party, kids can become anyone or anything they can imagine by decorating their own masks with markers, gems, faux fur, ribbons, and other materials. After children have created their masks, they can act out stories as their characters.
At a jewelry party, kids can create rings, necklaces, and bracelets from wire, beads, and gems.
Our scrapbook parties encourage children to record their memories through collages of photos. Every child will leave with a scrapbook page, and the birthday boy or girl will have a complete book of cherished memories.
At a Carousel Cowgirls and Cowboys party, children can decorate ponies and wear individualized Western-style hats.
These are just some of the many creative children’s birthday party ideas that you can bring to your home with The Art Truck’s mobile studio. Contact us today to find out how you can make your child’s next birthday party an event that will be remembered for years.