Creativity in the Community

The Art Truck has many fun and creative ideas for kids’ birthday parties, but that’s not all we do. We are also out in the community, encouraging kids to express their creativity at summer camps and libraries.

A masquerade party is a popular choice for an activity at camps and libraries. Kids are given pre-cut masks that they can decorate with glitter, wacky papers, faux fur, ribbons, and more. Kids can transform themselves into animals; other people; characters from their favorite books, TV shows, or movies; or anything else they can imagine. They are limited only by their creativity. Then they can get together with their friends and act out scenes or create their own stories to entertain their parents and each other.

A paint bar party is also a great choice for a summer camp or library activity. Painting is fun for kids of all ages and ability levels. Children can paint scenes from their favorite books or TV shows, cherished memories, or anything they can imagine. Kids can also drip, swirl, and layer their paints to create abstract, color-field paintings. Children love to experiment with neon, metallic, bright, and pastel paints to develop their own unique styles and express their creativity.

We will bring the party to your camp or library with our party truck. Kids can create their artwork in our mobile studio, where we will provide all of the materials and guidance they will need. The best part is that we will take care of all the cleanup. If you are looking for a fun and exciting way for kids at your camp or library to express their creative sides, contact The Art Truck today.