DIY Cupcake Ornaments make Tasty Gifts

Our party just guests love using yummy toppings sprays and sprinkles to create edible cupcake sculptures. So, I thought that we’d make non-edible cupcake ornaments to decorate a tree or hang in a special place. Package these trompe-l’oeil treats in a cupcake box for a festive holiday gift. Supplies are available at Michael’s, Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

Craft time: 20 minutes

Dry time: 1 day


  1. Shatterproof white or cream-colored ball ornaments;
  2. Glitter glue pens in silver, white or gold;
  3. Glitter – we like to use two varieties of Martha Stewart glitter in fine and classic for extra color and dimension;
  4. Cupcake tins in silver, gold or red;
  5. Red pom-poms;
  6. Glue dots;
  7. Ribbon;
  8. Empty toilet paper roll;

How to Build your Cupcake Ornament:

  1. Place ball ornament on toilet paper roll.
  2. Use glitter glue pen to lightly draw a skirt around the top third of the ornament – avoid excess glue and dripping.
  3. Select first glitter and gently sprinkle a coating on the glue.
  4. Select next glitter and sprinkle a second coating to add depth and more sparkle.
  5. Place a pom-pom on the top.
  6. Take a muffin tin, open it a bit and place a glue dot in the center.
  7. Place ornament on the glue dot in the tin.
  8. Tie a ribbon through the top and hang on tree or in a window.



IMG_8778IMG_8781Kid Cupcake