DIY Tips for Hosting Creative Parties for Kids

The key to hosting successful parties is to keep it simple and make it fun. But how?

Rather than agonizing over elaborate party themes, select one or two hands-on activities to engage guests and simplify your life. Here are two of my favorite examples that work well as a double-header. Estimated work time is 60 minutes.

Kids love playing with their food, so host an edible art party and let them decorate their own cupcakes. Bake or purchase cupcakes and let kids “paint” with frosting, gels and icings. Supplies are easy to find in the baking isle of most grocery stores, or visit Michaels craft stores where you’ll find edible spray paint in fantastic colors that will be the hit of the party. If you can find a sprinkle tornado (try Bed, Bath & Beyond), kids will squeal with glee as colorful flying sprinkles coat their cupcakes!

Like many adults, kids like to shop. So rather than you spending hours filling individual goodie bags, let kids do the work! Place party favors in trays and have kids “shop” to fill their own bags. (Provide rules on how many of each item guests may take.) Prior to the shopping spree have kids personalize fancy white handle bags, fabric totes or paper bags which come in every imaginable color. Kids will enjoy using markers, sticky foam pieces, and sparkling plastic gems to embellish their bags. Self-adhesive foam letters are especially great for creating monograms or spelling names. Just be sure to buy a sufficient quantity of letters.

Most of all, be creative and have fun!