Encourage Your Kids to Create Art as They Head back to School

20150217_153026887_iOSNow that kids are back in school, they will be focused on homework in the evenings. While this is obviously important, you should also encourage your children to express themselves creatively. This can help them be successful in school this year.

Making art teaches children to think creatively. They are encouraged to look at the world around them in new ways and to experiment with new materials and ways of doing things. Kids can be given simple materials and general instructions and use their imaginations to create whatever they want.

Art can promote a love of reading and help children develop literacy. If you have your kids read books and draw or paint pictures about them, they will understand the books better, retain more information, and appreciate them more. This can also encourage your children to want to read and learn more.

Creating art can help young kids learn to write. Holding a paintbrush, crayon, or marker can teach children how to hold a pencil, a vital skill that will be necessary throughout school.

Art can also teach kids about math. Art involves recognizing and creating patterns, using spatial relations, creating symmetry, and using positive and negative space.

You don’t need expensive materials to encourage your kids to create art projects. You can pick up some paper, paint, crayons, markers, and other materials at your local arts and crafts store or chain retailer. The important thing is to encourage your kids to express their creativity in a fun way. This can reap clear benefits in the classroom this school year.