Glitzy Gourds make Thanksgiving Tables Sparkle

Make your Holiday Table Sparkle with Glitzy Gourds that Kids Love to Make!

Are you looking for a fresh way to decorate your Thanksgiving table? Here is a simple way to create a sparkling tabletop with zero mess. Your kids will love creating these decorations while you are busy with food preparations. Kids at a recent Art Truck event had a blast using bling to make unique sculptures. Supplies are super minimal, especially if you already have gourds or mini pumpkins in hand.

Three items you need:

1.       Assorted mini pumpkins and gourds;

2.       Glue Dots

3.       Gems in assorted colors and sizes.

Supplies are available at available at Michael’s craft stores, A. C. Moore, and online at S&SWorldwide.

Three easy steps:
1.       Roll out glue dots and place gem on the dot;  

2.       Pull dot and gem from paper;

3.       Place gem with glue dot on gourd.

Repeat until you have a gem-studded, glitzy gourd!
Pile your sculptural gems into a bountiful basket of bling for a sparkling centerpiece, scatter around table or use as name card holders.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Maura O’Shea