How to Encourage Your Child to Be Creative

Creativity is a skill that all kids can develop if given the right amount of freedom, opportunity, and encouragement. There are many ways that parents can help their children develop their creativity.

Give your child time to play or create art in an unstructured way. Supply art materials and space to create, and then give your child the freedom to create anything he or she wants.

Encourage your child to express ideas and come up with things to do that he or she has never done before. Do not evaluate the ideas or tell your child that some things cannot be done; simply encourage your child to brainstorm ideas.

Allow your child to make mistakes and fail. By not being afraid to fail, your child will learn to be creative and take risks. Don’t be afraid to share mistakes that you have made with your child. This will show that everyone makes mistakes and that we can learn from them.

Display artwork at home and talk about your favorite artists, musicians, or scientists. Talk to your child about photography, architecture, and technology.

Give your child the freedom to explore and try new things. Allow your child to figure things out without guidance or direction from you.

Limit the amount of time your child spends watching TV or playing video games. Encourage him or her to participate in artistic activities instead.

Allow your child to disagree with you and come up with solutions to problems that are different from yours. After your child has solved a problem, ask him or her to solve it again in a different way. Finding more than one way to solve a problem will promote creative thinking.

Kids learn and master artistic activities better if they practice them for their intrinsic value, rather than for rewards. Instead of giving your child a reward for participating in art, allow him or her to do another enjoyable activity.

Focus less on what your child achieves and more on the process. Ask your child how and why he or she did something a particular way and if he or she liked the activity and had fun.