How to Instill a Love of Art in Your Child

Kids can benefit in many ways from participating in the arts. Painting, drawing, and making things can promote creativity, academic skills, social understanding, and emotional well-being.

Parents are their children’s most important role models. There are many ways that you can instill a love and appreciation for the arts in your child.

Make art materials readily available at home. Be sure your child has access to plenty of colored paper, crayons, markers, paint, glue, scissors, popsicle sticks, chalk, feathers, and other materials that could be used to create works of art.

Create art with your child. Participating in art projects together will teach your child that art is fun and rewarding. You can teach your child important skills that he or she can practice and master.

Give your child a general idea or prompt, and then step back and see what he or she can create. Let your child interpret things in his or her own way.

Encourage your child to experiment. Ask your child what he or she thinks will happen when two colors of paint are mixed together, and then have your child try it. Let your child try building works of art with a variety of materials. Even if you know that something might not work out the way your child wants it to, allow him or her to try it anyway and learn from experience. Then your child can seek another solution to the problem.

Display artwork at home. Hang up photos or paintings from artists you admire or ones that you have created yourself. Display your child’s artwork in a visible place, such as on the refrigerator or in your child’s bedroom.

Take your child to an art exhibit or museum. Let your child spend as much time as he or she wants looking at the works of art. Talk about what you have seen at the museum or exhibit, as well as art you encounter in other public places.

If your child expresses an interest in the arts, consider enrolling him or her in an art class.

Read books about art and artists with your child. Ask your child what types of art and which artists he or she would like to learn about next.

Instilling a love of art in a child is one of the best ways to teach important skills that will help throughout life. Surround your child with art and encourage him or her to experiment and create artwork that can be proudly displayed at home.