Important Life Skills That Children Can Learn Through Art

The benefits of studying art in school or participating in art projects at home go far beyond creating a beautiful picture or sculpture. Art teaches children important skills that will help them throughout their lives.
Art teaches children to solve problems creatively. It encourages children to approach problems or tasks in different ways and to consider ways of doing things that others may not have chosen. Children learn to work with unfamiliar methods and materials and learn that there is not necessarily one “right” way to approach a problem. The ability to “think outside the box” will help children in school and later when they begin working.
Art teaches children to be confident in their abilities. Children can experiment without fear, learn from their mistakes, and believe that they are capable of achieving something meaningful.
Art teaches children to persevere. A child will not be able to draw a life-like picture of a person or build a castle on the first attempt, but with practice, any child can develop artistic skills. Children learn that if they are focused and determined, they can succeed.
Art teaches children non-verbal communication skills. Children who may not be able to find the right spoken or written words can communicate their thoughts and feelings through art they create.
Art teaches children to accept and learn from constructive feedback. Children learn that feedback is intended to help them grow and improve and should not be taken personally.

The benefits of art extend well beyond the immediate, tangible effects. Encouraging your child to develop his or her artistic talents can teach important skills that will last a lifetime.