Invite The Art Truck to Your Corporate Team Building Event

Are you looking for a fun way to motivate your employees or reward them for a job well done? Are you searching for an activity for an upcoming company training program? The Art Truck has creative, hands-on programs that will energize your employees, promote creative thinking, and enhance communication, cooperation, and collaboration.

An activity on The Art Truck can be the perfect way to reward your employees when they reach a goal or complete a project. It can also be a great way to end a day that has been filled with friendly competition.

One of our most popular corporate team building events is a Wine Glass Painting Party. Employees can experiment with different paints and create designs on their wine glasses, then decorate them with bling charms. After that, you can all raise your glasses and toast the team.

A Masquerade Party is a great way for employees to blow off steam. Party-goers can decorate their own pre-cut masks with glitter, wacky papers, faux fur, ribbons, and more. Then the entire team can pose in their masks for a group photo.

If you are commemorating a special event or milestone, a Scrapbooking Party is the perfect activity. Your employees can bring in pictures of people in the company at special events, or simply on a typical day at work, and create scrapbook pages that can be assembled into a book and shared with the rest of the group.

A party on The Art Truck can teach your employees to think more creatively. It can also encourage them to talk, laugh, and socialize as they work together, share materials, and comment on each other’s projects. Your employees will leave the party reinvigorated and will have a completed art project that they can take home or proudly display on their desks at the office.