Make Robots with Materials You Have around the House

Making art projects with your kids is a fun way to encourage them to express their creativity. Kids love to make robots at many of our Art Truck parties. We supply them with materials and teach them to create space age robots with unique personalities.

You and your kids can create your own robots at home. You don’t even need to go to the arts and crafts store to buy supplies. You can simply use many common materials you already have in your house.

The body of a robot is created from a box. Any small box, such as a snack box or a tissue box, will do. Save your empty boxes so that you and your kids can use them to create art.

Kids can decorate their robots with shiny materials, such as aluminum foil, that you most likely already have in your kitchen cabinet or drawer. This will give them a futuristic metallic appearance.

Your children can give their robots faces and arms with other arts and crafts supplies you may already have on hand from other projects. They can use googly eyes and pipe cleaners to give their robots friendly or inquisitive expressions. Scraps of colored paper can be used to add buttons and controls to their robots’ bodies.

Help your kids express their creative sides by making art with them at home. You can show them how to make futuristic robots using a handful of simple materials you probably already have lying around in your house.