Our 10 Favorite Party Favors


If you host a party on our Party Truck or at our Party Boutique, why let the fun end when the party is over? Send your guests home with party favors. Here are our 10 favorites that kids love.

Mini paint sets – Painting parties are one of our most popular activities in our party truck. Send kids who come to your child’s party home with paint that they can use to create their own masterpieces to display at home.

Mini canvas boards – Kids can paint their designs and pictures on small pieces of canvas and hang up their artwork at home.

Mini clay sets – Children can create their own cups, bowls, or figures out of clay. These are a hit with kids of all ages.

Mini note pads – Kids can draw on sheets of paper and hang up their pictures in their rooms or on the refrigerator at home.

Bubble erasers – Give kids fun erasers that they can use when drawing pictures at home.

Glitter glue sticks – Children love to play with glitter. Include glitter glue sticks in your party favor bags so that kids can decorate their artwork.

Jelly bracelets – These bracelets are fun to collect. Kids love to wear a bunch at a time in assorted colors.

Blowouts – Kids enjoy making noise, and they love playing with blowouts at parties. Choose noisemakers decorated with your child’s favorite animal or character from TV or a movie.

Wikki Stix – These yarn sticks coated with wax are fun for boys and girls of all ages. Kids can press them onto any surface to make them stick and then peel them off and put them somewhere else. They don’t break or tear but are easy to cut with scissors.

YumEarth organic gummies – These delicious treats are a favorite for kids of all ages. These gummies are made with real fruit extracts and contain no gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, or artificial colors or dyes.