Painting Parties for All Ages Are All the Rage

The Art Truck has creative and fun party ideas for kids and adults of all ages. One of our most popular activities is our Paint Bar parties.

At a Party Like Picasso Paint Bar party, young artists can experiment with primary color, pastel, and neon paints. They can mix and swirl colors and drip their paints to create modern masterpieces or paint the world around them or scenes from their imaginations.

Painting is fun for adults, too. Grownups love Paint Bar parties in our mobile studio. Another option for adults is a wineglass painting party. We can supply wineglasses and paint and teach you and your friends the art of painting on glass. We can bring the party to you in our mobile party truck, or you can attend a wine glass painting event hosted at wineries, vineyards, and other locations around Connecticut. A wineglass painting party is a fun idea for a bachelorette party, shower, or just a reason to get together with friends.

In addition to The Art Truck’s mobile studio, we also host parties at our Glastonbury Party Boutique. Bring your kids for a fun-filled day of painting, making edible art, taking pictures in a photo booth, making jewelry, dressing up as princesses, hosting a fairy tale party, pretending to be superheroes, making masks, decorating ponies, or making scrapbooks.

A party with The Art Truck is fun for all ages. Contact us today to book a creative get-together for your kids or friends in our mobile studio or at our Party Boutique.