Sparkling Snowflake Garland

Ah, December. A chill is in the air and the ground is dusted with snow. So, why not celebrate the winter with a simple seasonal craft?  Inspired by classic paper chains, I created strands of snowflake garland for a recent Art Truck events where guests had a blast turning simple paper snowflakes into glitzy strings of garland. These delicate garlands are super pretty and easy to create. Your kids will love making these snowflake garlands to decorate their rooms, hang in windows, or trim a tree. Best part for mom? This mess-free project requires minimal supervision and offers hours of creativity. Enjoy!


1.       Snowflake paper punch (I like Martha Stewart’s brand for quality and design)

2.       White, silver or powder blue cardstock

3.       Plastic gems

4.       Glue sticks

5.       Scissors

6.       Curling ribbon or flat, narrow satin ribbon in white, silver or iridescent colors

1.       Cut ribbon to 24-36” lengths;

2.       Place paper into snowflake punch to punch out snowflakes;

3.       Put glue in center of one snowflake;

4.       Place ribbon down middle of the snowflake;

5.       Place another snowflake on the ribbon to make a snowflake sandwich;

6.       Repeat until the ribbon contains at least three snowflakes;

7.       Now add some sparkle by gluing gems to center of snowflakes.

Where will you hang your sparkling snowflakes? Send your photo to me and we’ll post it on The Art Truck’s Facebook page. Find more project ideas at

Happy Holidays!

Maura O’Shea