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Flow | What is it and How can I Get in It?

Have you ever been so in tune with what you’re doing that time melts and evrything falls into place and you feel one with the world. Maybe it’s during a long run, while playing piano, or even cooking your favorite recipe. Artists and athletes describe peak performance in this way.  Renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly has named it “flow.”

I find myself in flow when I’m painting, gardening and skiing when my focus is fixed and time is irrelevant. The flow can be short or sustained for a long period, but it is an unmatched experience.

Is flow necessary for creativity? Or is it a byproduct of being creative and in the moment?

According to Csikszentmihaly, there are key attributes to achieving and knowing when you are in flow. Discover your flow  by reading about Csikszentmihaly theory of  Flow

These Soft Blocks will Inspire Creativity in Young Learners

When kids visit our Party Studio & Creativity Lounge they have a blast creating imaginative buildings and cities with a variety of blocks and building materials we keep in our cubbies. And we love that when it’s time to knock blocks down and rebuild, they make soft landings. Blocks made by Edushape, an award-winning company making creative, educational toys for children, are especially wonderful for imaginative designs, colors and textures. They are affordable, durable and kids love mixing and matching different varieties. Plus, they are widely available at local stores and online and make great gifts that moms will love, too.  Here are three of our kid-tested favorites.


Wood Like Soft Blocks are lightweight and easy-to handle sizes. They come in fun shapes and even look like real wood. Kids develop creative thinking and basic building skills while creating imaginary buildings and towns with them.


These adorable, stylish Build-a-Drop foam droplets have printed surfaces and can be stacked and balanced in creative ways while enhancing eye-hand coordination and develop fine motor skills.



Textured Blocks 30Pcs-1

Textured Blocks have a distinctly textured front and back for youngsters’ fine motor skills development and adapts well for use with children with special needs. Make basic flat designs to trace or build more advanced 3D designs.

What will your child create? Snap some photos of their projects to use as unique greeting cards or social posts that will inspire others to think, create and build.

Happy Building!