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Holiday Sweets and Treats

It’s the season for celebrating and sharing so we’ve been looking far and wide for the best holiday crafts and sweet treats that everyone will love to make – and eat. We think you’ll love what we found and we’re excited to share with you!  So, we created several holiday-themed Pinterest Boards to organize our favorite ideas and make it easy for you to find creative inspiration for celebrating with style and ease.

Find great ideas for Christmas sweets and treats,  Christmas ornaments, and Christmas crafts for kids and Hannukah sweets and crafts. Enjoy!



Do you want to Build a Snowman?

Kids will Love Making this Edible Marshmallow Snowman




This yummy winter treat is so easy to make . Use as tabletop sculptures, seating cards or to dunk in hot chocolate. Kids love coloring the marshmallows and assembling the snowman or snowwoman. Best part for you? This pleasing project is inexpensive, not messy and requires minimal supervision. Why not create a whole snow family?


  • Jumbo marshmallows
  • Large marshmallows
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Food markers
  • Blue spray
  • Toothpicks
  • Shredded coconut
  • Paper plate

How to Build a Snowman:

  1. Select one jumbo and two large  marshmallows.
  2. Use toothpicks to attach marshmallows.
  3. Insert Pretzel arms.
  4. Color snowman’s face and body;
  5. Place snowman on plate.
  6. Sprinkle plate with coconut snow.
  7. Lighlty spray base with blue (one spray)




DIY Cupcake Ornaments make Tasty Gifts

Our party just guests love using yummy toppings sprays and sprinkles to create edible cupcake sculptures. So, I thought that we’d make non-edible cupcake ornaments to decorate a tree or hang in a special place. Package these trompe-l’oeil treats in a cupcake box for a festive holiday gift. Supplies are available at Michael’s, Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

Craft time: 20 minutes

Dry time: 1 day


  1. Shatterproof white or cream-colored ball ornaments;
  2. Glitter glue pens in silver, white or gold;
  3. Glitter – we like to use two varieties of Martha Stewart glitter in fine and classic for extra color and dimension;
  4. Cupcake tins in silver, gold or red;
  5. Red pom-poms;
  6. Glue dots;
  7. Ribbon;
  8. Empty toilet paper roll;

How to Build your Cupcake Ornament:

  1. Place ball ornament on toilet paper roll.
  2. Use glitter glue pen to lightly draw a skirt around the top third of the ornament – avoid excess glue and dripping.
  3. Select first glitter and gently sprinkle a coating on the glue.
  4. Select next glitter and sprinkle a second coating to add depth and more sparkle.
  5. Place a pom-pom on the top.
  6. Take a muffin tin, open it a bit and place a glue dot in the center.
  7. Place ornament on the glue dot in the tin.
  8. Tie a ribbon through the top and hang on tree or in a window.



IMG_8778IMG_8781Kid Cupcake