The Art Truck Can Bring a Photobooth to Your Next Party

Kids love to dress up and pretend to be other people, animals, or characters in their favorite books, movies, or TV shows. Encourage your kids to express their creativity and capture some lasting memories with a Photoshoot Party from The Art Truck.

We will bring our mobile photobooth to your home, school, or community center to provide a fun opportunity for kids to transform themselves into their favorite characters. We will supply all the costumes and props they will need, including mustaches, goofy glasses, clown noses, and bowties. There is no limit to what children can become. They can express their creativity in any way they can imagine.

After they are decked out in their costumes, kids can strike a pose and ham it up for the camera. Pictures can be printed on the spot, and kids can frame and decorate their photos with gems, glitz, sparkles, markers, and more to create unique keepsakes that they and their parents can treasure.

A Photoshoot Party is a great option for all types of get-togethers, including birthday parties, preschool programs, library programs, and family gatherings. Adults can have fun with a photoshoot at a holiday party, bridal shower, wedding, anniversary party, family reunion, wine glass painting party, or corporate event. A photoshoot is available as a party by itself or as an add-on that you can combine with one of our other fun and creative artistic parties.

Kids and adults of all ages can have a blast at a Photoshoot Party. They can transform themselves into their favorite people and characters, ham it up for the camera, and then decorate their photos so they can go home with mementos to remind them of the fun time they had at the celebration.