The Art Truck Can Help Your School Raise Money

The Art Truck can help your school raise money through one of our fun, creative art activities. Our programs are the perfect addition to your school’s fundraising efforts.

We can bring a featured activity to your fundraising event, or you can invite The Art Truck to your school to reward your students once they have met their fundraising goal. We will give a percentage of our fee back to your school.

The Art Truck has many activities that your students can do in our mobile studio or inside your school. We will work with you to help you choose the right project for your students.

One of our most popular activities is our Paint Bar Party. Kids love to dip their brushes into palettes of neon, glitter, and primary color paints and drip and swirl to create unique, abstract color-field paintings that they can proudly display at home.

Our Outrageous Robots parties are always a hit with kids. Your students will enjoy creating space-age robots with flexible and shiny materials and showing off their special powers and personalities.

Your students will have fun at a Carousel Pony Party, where they can decorate sculptural carousel ponies with markers, gems, sparkles, chenilles, and more. Kids can dress up in western-style cowboy and cowgirl hats decorated with markers, glitz, and gems.

Reward your students for their fundraising by throwing a Masquerade Party. Kids will have fun decorating their pre-cut masks with markers, gems, papers, faux fur, and ribbons. They can become animals, superheroes, or anything else they can imagine.

If your school is raising money for a special project or activity, a party from The Art Truck can be a great way to support your efforts. We can help you create an exciting fundraising event or throw a party to reward your students once they have reached their goal.