What are your most creative holiday moments?

Growing up we had a wooden, multi-tiered windmill that was carved out of balsa that my dad would put out every year around this time.  It would be placed in our dining room next to the forced hot air vent so that several times a day it spun around like mad.  It was so delicate that every year I thought would be the year it would break into a million pieces.

I always wondered who made it? Who took  such care in shaving and carving all the little details into these angels and camels, whoever they were they were a creative genius!

We all do so many creative things during the holiday season… whether we consider ourselves cookie crafters, table decorating masters, tree trimming experts, exterior lighting designers!

The Art Truck would like you to share some of you and your families most creative moments with us!  Post on our Blog comments or on our Facebook wall pictures or stories of your holiday creative side for a chance to win an Art Truck Party in a box!    The Art Truck on Facebook

Happy Creating – The Art Truck