What Can Preschoolers Learn from an Art Truck Program?

Bring The Art Truck to your preschool for a fun, hands-on learning activity your children will love. Kids can create unique works of art and learn valuable skills that will help them in kindergarten and beyond.

With a preschool masquerade program, kids can create their very own masks. Preschoolers can transform themselves into insects, animals, other people, or anything else they can imagine. We will provide pre-cut masks, glitter, paper, faux fur, ribbons, and other materials so kids can decorate their masks however they want. Then they can act out stories in character.

Our preschool paint bar program can teach kids all about colors as they experiment with neon, metallic, pastel, and bright colored paints. Kids can drip, swirl, and layer their paints to create abstract, color-field paintings.

What can kids learn from an Art Truck preschool program?

  • Children will learn to listen and follow directions. They will need to pay attention and follow instructions from the art-tenders who will supply materials and lead the activity.
  • Kids can build their vocabularies. They will be exposed to new materials, colors, shapes, and ideas and learn new words.
  • Preschoolers will practice writing their names on their art projects, an important skill that they will need in school.
  • Children will develop their fine motor skills by holding paintbrushes, markers, and scissors and working with ribbons, faux fur, and other materials. This will help them as they learn to write.
  • Kids will learn math skills, such as counting and identifying and drawing shapes.
  • Preschoolers will learn to identify primary and secondary colors.
  • Children will learn to take turns and share materials with other kids.
  • Most of all, an Art Truck program will teach children to express themselves creatively.

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