Why we Love Glue Dots and Project Ideas for You!

How often have you struggled with trying to glue something only to end up with sticky fingers and a project that would not stick? Lots of mess and limited success gets in the way of creativity.

I spend hours searching for elegant and effective products that make creative time a joy. This is especially important to us at The Art Truck as we have finite project time when we host birthday parties and events in our mobile studio. We want to be sure that you feel creative and that your project is successful, so using traditional glues is out of the question.

So how do we make things stick? While glue sticks are at times useful – and we use them – we have found that Glue Dots are the answer to almost every project question.

These tiny, transparent dots are miraculous! Lots of stick and zero mess! And they come in different sizes. We prefer the large, 3-dimensional dots, but encourage you to experiment and find the ones you like best.

Here are a few ways that we use dots in Art Truck projects. I hope you will use these ideas and share your discoveries with me!

Connecting Jewels and Gems

Glue Dots are ideal for constructing rings and pendants during Art Truck Jewelry parties. First, we stick the glue dot to a ring base and add a bottle cap to it. Then the fun begins! We use dots to add buttons, gems and other glitz to the ring. The ring is ready to wear – all sparkle and no mess! We use the same process to make pendants for necklaces. Give it a try!

Creating a Masquerade

Finding a way to secure feathers to masks during Art Truck Masquerade Parties was a challenge until we discovered Glue Dots! Simply place the dot on the mask and attach the feather. Use as many dots and feathers as you like. This works for sequins and gems, too. Glue dots make it easy to create lavish Venetian-inspired masks with no mess. Have fun!

Googly-eyed Robots

Applying Googly Eyes to 3-D robots during Art Truck Robot Parties is a cinch with Glue Dots. Kids love placing these silly eyes on their robot masterpieces and the dots make sure the eyes stay in place. Of course, Googly Eyes are fun for countless projects, so grab some eyes and dots, get creative and share your results!